The fund’s USP lies in market making, and the differences such companies make in keeping markets afloat. The SDL Capital Fund pools together some of Asia’s most exciting market makers, many of which are mandated across multiple asset classes and financial instruments. Targeting S$500 million in AUM by 2023, the fund aims to achieve a 6% to 12% per annum.

Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the SDL Capital Fund focuses on business activities that have strong moats, in particular, those with high barriers to entry and high switching costs. The fund prioritises investing in well-run companies, with emphasis on strong leadership teams and robust business models, both of which are essential for high performing businesses. Headquartered in Singapore and with an extensive network across Asia Pacific and Europe, the fund connects investors with a world of high-growth, low-risk investments.
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Accredited Investor Notification

    In View of the Information you have provided to us, you are in the category of an accredited investor who meets the requirements set out by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

    An Accredited Investor is assumed to have wider access to resources on investment products and services and better informed than non-Accredited Investors, and at the same time require less regulatory protection. Investors who agree to be treated as Accredited Investors therefore forgo the benefit of certain regulatory safeguards such as:

    1. Issuers of securities are exempted from issuing a full prospectus registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in respect of offers that are made only to accredited investors, and intermediaries are exempted from a number of business conduct requirements when dealing with accredited investors.

    2. We may recommend a designated investment product to you without providing full disclosure as ordinarily required by law, such as
    (a) the terms and conditions of the designated investment product;
    (b) the benefits to be, or likely to be, derived from the designated investment product, and the risks that may arise from the designated investment product.

    3. We may expressly or implicitly make a recommendation with respect to any investment product to you without assessing and investigating your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs.

    4. We or Issuers are not required to provide a reasonable basis for providing recommendations on investments products which include but not limited to the followings:
    (a) Bonds (b) Securities (c) Collective Investment Scheme (d) Exchange Traded Options (e) FX swaps (f) Derivative contracts (g) Funds (h) Insurance Policy.

    Investors should consult a professional adviser if they do not understand any consequence of being treated as an accredited investor under the provisions.