Nov 2019

XRP Meetup (Japan)

Community meet-up between Seth Lim and Ripple CTO David Schwartz
Oct 2019

Blockchain and Cyber Security & Identity Conference (Japan)

Seth Lim served as Key Speaker on blockchain security

Apr 2019

Teamz Blockchain Summit (Japan)

Seth Lim served as Speaker and Panellist at Japan’s largest blockchain summit

Feb 2019

UnionPay Blockchain Workshop (Japan)

Seth Lim was invited to conduct a training session for the management team

Dec 2018

The 1st HKIBFA Best Investment Value Award for Blockchain (Hong Kong)

Seth Lim recognised for his advisory role and contribution to the blockchain community

Nov 2018

TEDx Youth@Tokyo: Exponential Exploration (Japan)

Seth Lim shared his entrepreneur experiences with university students

Jul 2018

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Antai College of Economics and Management: Blockchain Application (China)

Seth Lim held a one-year lecturer tenure, and served as speaker and panellist for its blockchain educational conference

Jun 2018

Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone: Building a Sustainable Blockchain Ecosystem (China)

Seth Lim was Key Speaker at this closed-door session for SEZ officials

Apr 2018

Teamz Blockchain Summit (Japan)

Management team invited as venture capital partner; Seth Lim served as panellist at Tokyo’s second largest blockchain event for the year

Apr 2018

WDNA Blockchain Conference (South Korea)

Seth Lim invited as Speaker on blockchain security