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November 1

XRP Meetup (Japan)

Community meet-up between Seth Lim and Ripple CTO David Schwartz
October 1

Blockchain and Cyber Security & Identity Conference (Japan)

Seth Lim served as Key Speaker on blockchain security

April 1

Teamz Blockchain Summit (Japan)

Seth Lim served as Speaker and Panellist at Japan’s largest blockchain summit

February 1

UnionPay Blockchain Workshop (Japan)

Seth Lim was invited to conduct a training session for the management team

December 1

The 1st HKIBFA Best Investment Value Award for Blockchain (Hong Kong)

Seth Lim recognised for his advisory role and contribution to the blockchain community

November 1

TEDx Youth@Tokyo: Exponential Exploration (Japan)

Seth Lim shared his entrepreneur experiences with university students

July 1

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Antai College of Economics and Management: Blockchain Application (China)

Seth Lim held a one-year lecturer tenure, and served as speaker and panellist for its blockchain educational conference

June 1

Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone: Building a Sustainable Blockchain Ecosystem (China)

Seth Lim was Key Speaker at this closed-door session for SEZ officials

April 1

Teamz Blockchain Summit (Japan)

Management team invited as venture capital partner; Seth Lim served as panellist at Tokyo’s second largest blockchain event for the year

April 1

WDNA Blockchain Conference (South Korea)

Seth Lim invited as Speaker on blockchain security